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Neal Morse Interview – The Grand Experiment (2015)

Neal Morse joins ProgPositivity to discuss his band’s 2015 release “The Grand Experiment”, their most collaborative effort to date.

In the past, Morse typically has waited until he had 90% (or more) of an album’s material pre-composed before getting a band together to begin recording. For his upcoming 2015 album, however, he invited […]

Regal Worm – Use and Ornament

Regal Worm – Use and Ornament

As “Regal Worm” Jarrod Gosling draws upon classic prog, fusion, symphonic and psychedelic influences to create a progressive style of new music which almost defies categorization. Exquisitely detailed and impeccably produced, this music is also surprisingly accessible, especially when one considers the disparate elements and moods it so heartily […]

Modest Midget – The Great Prophecy of a Small Man

My friends… Allow me to introduce you to the brave face of the Future of Progressive Pop. For I have seen this face. And it is the face of a midget! Modest Midget! 😉

In some respects, Modest Midget could be considered “anti-prog”. After all, their songs aren’t particularly long. And their melodies are […]

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