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Sumer – The Animal You Are (2014)

This London band has a found a sweet spot triangulated somewhere between alternative rock, metal and progressive rock. The most obvious reference point is probably the band Tool. But their output is a little less dark and perhaps a bit more more accessible. So add a dash of Soundgarden to the mix nd perhaps you’ll […]

New format for ProgPos Weekly Fridays at 10pm ET

This Friday night 9/5/14, at 10PM Eastern on ProgPositivity Radio, I look forward to sharing some beloved classics from the golden age of prog with you! This week we’ll hear

RICK WAKEMAN (Wakey had a deal with A&M but even they weren’t willing to pre-fund this ambitious project’s choir, orchestra and rock band. As […]

Things are changing!

ProgPositivity is undergoing some changes.

First off, you may notice that suddenly things sound different. Better. Well, due to some upgrades here at the studio, we are able to bring you high quality streams of our ogg, mp3, and aac+ feeds. You’re welcome. We still have a low bit rate mp3 feed for those who […]

Schleigho at the Rex Theater

It was Friday the 13th. For me, that was a piece of good luck because I was able to see one of my favorite bands, Schleigho. They were touring incessantly in the mid-to-late 90’s and were gaining something of a following, then for whatever reason they slowed down in the 2000’s and were all but […]

BlogPositivity: New Arrivals for September

Here are some new albums that have been added to rotation so far this month:

Haken – The Mountain. Excellent prog with far-reaching depth and breadth. I wouldn’t pigeonhole them as a prog metal band, but when they get heavy, it’s pretty darn heavy. The really impressive thing is how the vocals are so well […]

Website Features

What kind of features would you like to see on the website that aren’t there already? I have a few I’m thinking of trying to implement, such as searching the playlist instead of browsing alphabetically by artist – I mean, what if you know the name of the song but not who it’s by? I’d […]

Pressing Forward!

Here’s our new WordPress page. You’ll see that there’s a Now Playing and Playlist button right above this. Enjoy!

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