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Knight Area ā€“ Hyperdrive (review 2014)

I approached the new Knight Area album expecting to hear lushly atmosphereic, sometimes melodramatic neo prog songs emphasizing vocals and keyboards from a band which, even in their more powerful moments often appropriated a form of metal Iā€™d describe as oddly smooth. Those elements are not bad per se, nor are they gone entirely, but […]

Regal Worm – Use and Ornament

Regal Worm – Use and Ornament

As “Regal Worm” Jarrod Gosling draws upon classic prog, fusion, symphonic and psychedelic influences to create a progressive style of new music which almost defies categorization. Exquisitely detailed and impeccably produced, this music is also surprisingly accessible, especially when one considers the disparate elements and moods it so heartily […]

Modest Midget – The Great Prophecy of a Small Man

My friends… Allow me to introduce you to the brave face of the Future of Progressive Pop. For I have seen this face. And it is the face of a midget! Modest Midget! šŸ˜‰

In some respects, Modest Midget could be considered “anti-prog”. After all, their songs aren’t particularly long. And their melodies are […]

Time Horizon – Living Water (2011)

This album brings a lot to the table. Catchy melodies, excellent lead (and harmony) vocals , high quality musicianship, professionally effective production and engineering. One foot is planted in Prog Rock territory – while the other ventures into accessible AOR realms not entirely unlike deeper album tracks from bands like Boston, Toto or Styx (except […]

YES – Fly From Here (2011)

Proving once again that “Prog-life” doesn’t end at 60!!

Although the BUGGLES are BACK with a vengance, the delivery is more natural, mature and deliberate than it was 30+ years ago on the last genuine “Panther” Yes album. Dare I say, the songs are more drama-tic this time around? šŸ˜‰

“We Can Fly from Here” […]

Kevin Bartlett – Glow In The Dark

It’s about 2:45 AM. I’m at work. There’s nothing much to do except check on the kids every half-hour, do a little paperwork, and occasionally give one of the kids permission to use the bathroom. So I’m listening to the CD that just arrived today […]

Par Lindh Project – “In Concert – Live In Poland.”

This is a real treat for anyone who misses ELP-style neoclassical prog. Par Lindh has taken up the reins of that style and continued in the tradition of both covering classical music in a keys/bass/drums trio format, and creating new works for just such a trio. Par Lindh plays surrounded by about […]

RC2 – Future Awaits

RC2 – Future Awaits

New to the station – RC2’s “Future Awaits.” This promo from ProgRock Records just arrived the other day, a couple of weeks before its release date. They promote themselves as a prog metal band reminiscent of Dream Theater. Now, I think that many DT fans will enjoy this […]

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – Grand Opening and Closing

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum is in my opinion one of the best new bands in prog and music in general. They push the boundaries just like Magma, Frank Zappa, and King Crimson. That I have dropped the names of those three bands is no accident, because Sleepytime is on par with those three greats. Grand […]

Neal Morse – “?”

Neal Morse – “?”

The other day, my roommate told me that eating an apple will wake you up more than a cup of coffee. I tried out the “apple in the morning” trick today and I’ll say I definitely didn’t have any problem with falling asleep on the […]

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