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The Wake
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Genre: Rock
    Artist: IQ
    Album: The Wake
    Year: 1984

    01.   request Outer Limits  (8:14)
    02.   request The Wake  (4:12)
    03.   request The Magic Roundabout  (8:20)
    04.   request Corners  (6:21)
    05.   request Widow's Peak  (9:13)
    06.   request The Thousand Days  (5:12)
    07.   request Headlong  (7:31)
    08.   request Dans Le Parc Du Chateau Noir  (7:40)
    09.   request The Thousand Days (Demo)  (3:58)
    10.   request The Magic Roundabout (Demo)  (6:28)

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